Tried writing a poem in the rhyming scheme of a Shakespearean Sonnet. Please do not mind the twisted syllables :P


Aug 21, 2020

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The place was as dark as the night,

With not a single star in the sky,

There was no living soul in sight,

Except a lonely little firefly. .

She was a ball of fire bright,

Gleaming with every possible hue,

Just like the Venus in evening skylight, 

Every moment, she twinkled with brilliance anew. .

I followed her everywhere that she went,

Brightening everything along the way,

Soon in a gleaming sky she made her ascent,

Turning the dark nights into a day.

There, she stood illuminating the vast night skies

Along with a million more fireflies :) 

Anmol Chandak


A girl in her twenties, trying to find herself in her words :)

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