Heya! Welcome to my 2nd write up. I am from Assam, so this write is about a city named Guwahati in the state of Assam. Give it a read and tell me if you relate the same with your place too!


Aug 19, 2020

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Guwahati, as a city, is just like a clueless teenager. It's growing, bustling, making new friends, confronting new problems everyday and trying in vain to sort them out; it has got new dreams to live by, new promises to fulfill and cater to all the wishes people come to it with. But, it also wants and needs to live for itself, identify itself and understand itself better, amidst the newly-found excitement and thrill.

And this is where I start connecting with this place. It's not very different from me - an old soul captured in a young body. And maybe, we connect at the prospect of sleeping too. It's tired from the day's hard work, and yearns to rest. Slowly, the muscles relax, the suburbs vacant out. Silence starts pervading. The traffic noise subsides and stillness prevails. But the mind - it's still buzzing with some uncertain thoughts, in some untrodden way, trying to mend the bruises of the day. 

We sleep late. We sleep early. We sleep to the soothing lullabies of the mighty Brahmaputra. We sleep to the wailing silences of the right, and the dread of the night. We sleep to grow, and to rest for a while. We sleep to wake up with a smile. But mostly, we sleep trying to forget our sorrow, and we still, still hope for a better tomorrow.

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