A poem on what happiness means according to me. This is the first poem that I'm posting on my blog, so why not write about happiness? ;)


Aug 18, 2020

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I decided to walk out one fine day,
To search for the 'happiness' of which people say,
I searched on the roads, I searched in the sky,
When I couldn't find any, I asked each passer-by.

Nobody had an answer that could feed my mind,
But then, I heard someone say what I'd endeavored to find,
He asked me, "Can you see those kites, flying free,
And that happy cuckoo bird, singing joyfully?" .

"Have you heard the laughter of a child,
Or spent a noon chasing butterflies in the wild;
Sat with a cup of coffee on a rainy day,
Or enjoyed an ice stick one fine May?" .

"It's hidden in the extra roti that your mother makes for you,
Or the smiles that you leave through the good you do,
Happiness is when you get to read a book after long,
And when you get to hear your beloved's song."

I listened and listened, and returned a smile,
How beautifully it's scattered, I wondered for a while.
In the least searched pockets of life, joy clings,
And happiness - it lies in the littlest things :)

©Anmol Chandak

Anmol Chandak


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